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    EnviroBedEnviroBed is the UK’s most popular cubicle bedding for dairy cows providing optimum comfort, maximum cleanliness and a barrier to mastitis bacteria.
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  • Optimize Silage
    OptimizeOptimize is the silage inoculant being used by the UK’s highest yielding dairy herd and grassland farmers. The successful formulation of optimize uses enzymes to preserve all silage crops.
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    SlurryBugsSlurryBugs is the UK’s fastest growing slurry inoculant with the potential to cut fertiliser costs by up to 33%. SlurryBugs increases nitrogen retention, reduces crusting and minimises odour.
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    BactaHealthBactaHealth Probiotic Cleaning Products establish a healthy microbial environment in livestock housing, on beds and on the skin surfaces of cattle.
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EnviroSystems was established in 2001 by its current managing director Liz Russell. The company is committed to working with livestock producers and to the on-going development of its range of products including the award winning animal bedding EnviroBed, the innovative slurry additive SlurryBugs and the non-lactobacillus based Optimize silage additives.

Over the years EnviroSystems has won recognition for its innovation, environmental impact and outstanding marketing achievement. Among its many awards has been the prestigious Queens Award for Innovation.

EnviroSystems prides itself on maintaining a close working relationship with its farmer customers – something it believes has been fundamental to its success.

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