Optisile Maize

Optisile Maize is designed specifically for the challenge of maintaining a cool stable clamp face when opened as well as promoting rapid fermentation and maximum capture of valuable nutrients over a wide range of dry matters.

  • Contains Lactobacillus strains for rapid¬†fermentation
  • Minimises nutrient losses and maximises palatability
  • Increases dry matter digestibility
  • Maintains a cool clamp face when opened
  • Prevents yeast and moulds
  • Higher feed efficiency
  • Better animal health
  • Optimised gut metabolism
  • Vigorous rumen bug population

Ultimately increases milk yield and helps you make more money.

Roger Cooke, Tunstall Farm, Staffordshire.

“Our maize is feeding really well and Optisile Maize has kept the silage stable and cool with very little wastage – even with high dry matter.”

James Rogerson, Game Farm, Singleton (Avenham Holsteins)

“It is important to feed enough silage in the TMR and not over feed concentrates. Once the diet is set and the herd is achieving the yield expected, challenge the silage by taking out concentrate and replacing with more silage. This way the silage is allowed to express its true potential.”

“All silage costs the same to grow and ensile. It is therefore worth spending a little more on a good inoculant to maintain all the nutrients and protect against spoilage and secondary fermentation – and get as much of the available energy as you can.”