About Envirosystems

EnviroSystems is here to help farmers achieve better business results by finding helpful biological forces – friendly bacteria, clever enzymes and eco-friendly by-products, for example – and developing them into proven products that help you get better results. Plus all of our products are formulated and made in the UK by us.

The 21st century is already seeing a new biological revolution in farming. Our focus is to help you harness microbiological miracles all around us, invisible to the naked eye, but capable of transforming agricultural production for the better.

Of course, farming success isn’t just about profits, though bills do have to be paid and the family fed; buildings maintained and machinery replaced; investments made in the farm’s future direction and, more often than not, its future generations too.

If you think back, a large part of the past 50 years of farming progress has been driven by chemistry. It has brought us a valuable supply of animal medicines and crop protection products. Think a little deeper though, and it can also be argued that 20th century chemistry may have overshadowed the more gentle but nonetheless immense power of biology, and the benefits of working with the forces of nature, not against them.

Slowly but surely, this tide is turning towards a new era of biologically driven farming that protects ecosystems and works with them sustainably to produce high quality crops and livestock and do so economically.

EnviroSystems founder Liz Russell was born and raised on a dairy farm in Lancashire. She is committed to working with livestock farmers and the on-going development of our ecologically responsible and high efficacy product ranges. These include:

  • Award-winning animal bedding EnviroBedTM
  • Innovative biological slurry additive SlurryBugsTM
  • Ultimate preservation and clamp-face stability with the OptiSileTM Range for grass, wholecrop and maize silages

By helping you make farming a slightly less tough way to make a living, that is our mission accomplished.


All our products are made in-house, by us, in the UK to ensure they are of the highest quality and are approved and accredited by governing bodies of the farming industry.