OptiSile Extra

OptiSile Extra: New and unique-to-UK three-strain biological silage inoculant

This new, unique formulation is based on the very latest knowledge about biological silage additives for:

  • Rapid fermentation
  • High palatability
  • Maximum nutrient preservation
  • Inhibition of clostridia, yeasts and mycotoxins
  • Cool, stable clamp face
  • Suits wide range of dry matters
  • Ultimately increases milk yield and helps you make more money

A new three-strain combination of Lactobacilli developed by Envirosystems is employed in OptiSile Extra. One is the widely used L plantarum, to support a standard lactic acid fermentation. The combination of the other two are not used for any other UK silage additive and produce acetic acid, a proven inhibitor of moulds, yeasts and Clostridia.

Lactic and acetic acid in combination create fast, stable preservation, and maximise palatability and nutrient availability. During development, the formulation performed very well in scientific trials and it has proven effective on many farms, over a wide range of dry matters, including both very high and low in 2017.




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