OptiSile Wholecrop

OptiSile Wholecrop is designed specifically for wholecrop forages and arable silages over a wide range of dry matters.

  • Contains lactobacillus strains selected carefully for higher dry matter forages
  • Rapid fermentation minimises nutrient losses and maximises palatability
  • Dry matter preservation is improved
  • Reduces heating problems
  • Prevents yeast and mould growth for…
  1. Higher feed efficiency
  2. Better animal health
  3. Optimised gut metabolism
  4. Vigorous rumen bug population
  5. Fewer displaced abomasum cases

Ultimately increases milk yield and helps you make more money


Andrew Parkinson, Liscoe Bank Farm, Lancashire

“The most important aspect of ensiling wholecrop is stability and this inoculant certainly does that. The barley stays stable even in very warm weather and really well – it’s become an important part of our cows’ total mixed ration. This inoculant is a very cost-effective treatment for the wholecrop.”

James McWhirter, Glarryford, Ballymena, N. Ireland

“We want an additive that stops the wholecrop heating up in the clamp and reduces waste. It does a really good job. There’s no heating in the clamp and no waste. The cows eat everything.”

Jonathan Pickford, Spot Acre Farm, Staffordshire

“We’ve produced a stable clamp, very palatable product, no wastage and cow health is very good due to the bacteria strains.”



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